When it comes to Sitecore hosting the most important thing to consider is whether the hosting method you choose is right for your business.

The performance of your Sitecore Experience Platform website is dependent on your Sitecore hosting option. An efficient Sitecore hosting infrastructure equates to faster deployments and improved performance.

As Sitecore experts we take the time to understand your business so that you have the best Sitecore hosting option.

Sitecore hosting options

The performance of your website is reliant on a secure and robust hosting infrastructure. When choosing hosting, it’s important to consider factors like the size of your website, what third party systems it integrates with, and what you want to achieve.

Assessing these factors influence how to best host your Sitecore website. Choose from:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • On-premises

Azure Cloud

You can host your Sitecore website on the cloud with Sitecore Azure hosting. Doing this increases efficiency. Depending on your business requirements you can opt for Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Azure Package as a Serve (PaaS).

  • IaaS: A cost-effective Sitecore hosting solution using tailored servers based on your exact requirements. IaaS has lower up-front costs than hosting on-premise, although some maintenance is still required.
  • PaaS: Minimal up-front costs than on-premise but requires less server maintenance. Deploying on Azure PaaS takes less time and there's a significant reduction of admin time when managing applications deployed on the platform


If you have a robust internal infrastructure, you can host your Sitecore website on your premises. Licenses are dependent on the number of servers required to maintain your Sitecore website. Whatever Sitecore hosting option you choose, our Sitecore development team will ensure your hosting requirements are met to the highest standards.

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