Things move quickly in the digital space with new tools and techniques regularly being introduced.

Analytics often leaves companies struggling to make sense of large amounts of data and failing to draw any meaningful conclusions from disparate data sources. This is why an integrated digital marketing strategy is essential.

Our Digital Analytics service involves carefully examining multiple data sets to reveal any patterns and draw actionable insights that can be used to redefine your digital marketing strategy.

The ability for companies to easily handle big data has become a critical success factor.

Our Digital Analytics process involves analysing how your audiences behave and engage with your business online. We also assess the effectiveness of any existing strategies, and through ongoing research, analysis and testing, we continually monitor progress towards your goals and KPIs.

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Account configuration and analytics audits

We primarily work with Google Analytics but also leverage Sitecore’s in-built analytics features for clients using Sitecore.

The Codehouse Google Analytics Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your existing account set-up and configuration. The process assesses the reliability and integrity of your data which allows us to identify risks and any new opportunities for growth and improvement.

You may be trying to assess the effectiveness of a particular campaign, analyse user journeys or just trying to make better strategic decisions. However, if your analytics implementation is wrong or incomplete, you run the risk of relying on flawed data.

By identifying where your greatest opportunities are and any areas that might require urgent attention, our digital consultants bring renewed focus to your strategy and set the framework for your digital success.

Some areas won't require any adjustments at all but equally, we may have to dig deeper in other areas to assess critical issues and recommend solutions. All findings from our analytics audits are linked back to your goals and objectives to ensure alignment.

A typical audit may include (but is not limited to):

  • Audience Analysis: We identify the main demographics and sectors visiting your website and analyse their online behaviour and engagement. Audience insights are helpful for content strategies which when done well, increase conversion rates.
  • Acquisition & Channel Performance Analysis: It's not unusual for Google Analytics reports to show “direct traffic” data when the traffic is not from direct sources. We use intelligent methods to correctly identify the top channels driving traffic to your website. We'll advise which channels are delivering against your KPIs and which ones aren't performing well. Further investigation might be required to address key challenges and optimise more.
  • Competitor Analysis: We assess the competitor landscape in your particular marketplace and identify any competitors we think you should pay close attention to. With this information, you'll be able to spot trends, understand what's happening within your niche and grab opportunities to outperform your competition.
  • Recommendations: We provide actionable insights to support implementation of all recommended actions. Our recommendations are clear, comprehensive and tangible and depending on a number of factors, these can be implemented either at your end or by our team.

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Featured work
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